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Sink EDM
DengFox  introduced precision Sink EDM machines,Germany OPS Gantry Eagle 500,
Japan  MAKINO  EDG3,  Japan Sodick AD30Ls etc.
The Germany OPS sink EDM Machine Gantry Eagle 500,  using Eagle Power Tec.Graphite electrodes,
it lowers the electrodes usage apparently, improves accuracy,  upgrades the efficiency.  It is
also flexible with automation, high speed,  high accuracy.
Japan Makino CNC Sink EDM Machines
Japan Sodick precision Sink EDM Machines
German OPS CNC Sink EDM Machines
Accuracy: 0.003 mm
Radius: R0.03 mm Min.
Slot Cutting: 0.1 mm (width)* 3 mm (depth)
Finish: Ra 0.1

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