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Techenical Revolution
Graphite electrodes used

Since 2015,we started to use Graphite to make electrodes, and introduced advanced      Germany OPS Gantry Eagle 500 CNC EDM machine. The Graphite electrodes lowers
the electrodes usage apparently, improve accuracy and upgrade the efficency.
The new machine is also felxible with automation, high speed, high accuracy!

Automatic Detection System

2018 we invested new measuring machine, Germany ZEISS Contura 3D measuring
machine and also the related automatic detection sofewares installation.
The robot follows instructions to pick up the electrodes from the neatly placed
electrodes library and then place them on the detecting and positioning tool.
Then the electrodes are automatically measured by a workshop coordinate
measuring machine. The information of each link in the process is recorded
and the measurement results are feedback to the sink EDM machine or CNC
milling machine center for automatic path correction. The measuring system
loops back and forth to form a closed loop. Moreover, the electrodes automatic
detection unit can keep up with the processing machines. As a result, the former
inefficient, complicated mold parts, electrodes processing and inspecting will be
completely changed!
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